Pandan baked donuts

As requested by jiejie, she wanna some baked donuts
While it’s thunder storm out there.. I wanna laze in bed with them but I chose to sweat in the kitchen all for them.
Baked pandan donuts, this time I used fresh pandan extract that I made. The previous time I used pandan paste store brought it made my donut looked like hulk!
As promise, this is my recipe for those who are keen to try.

ps: For those looking for donut tray in SG, phoon huat sells Wilton brand donut tray. Available at bona vista, other outlet pls call them to check out.

After mixing everything’s in

To make 12 fat donuts

Egg – 1
Self raising Flour – 100gm
coconut milk – 90ml
vco / Corn oil – 30ml
Sugar – 1.5 Tbsp – 2 tbsp
*fresh pandan extract 1 tblsp or Pandan paste – 1/8 tsp (1/4 will be too greeny)

* to be fresh pandan extract, blend some pandan leaves and squeeze out the juice.

Mixed all together.DO NOT OVERMIX. Just use a balloon whisk and combine all ingredients will do. Fill in 3/4 full.
Bake 160 for 15min or till stick comes out clean.

grease the pan so that it be easier to remove the donuts after that.


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