Red Ruby with lemongrass syrup

My friends who had Red ruby with me before know I always like to ask
Where is the WATER CHESTNUT??? Why am I paying so much for flour?
Hahahaha which never failed to make them feel like hammering me..

This is my 1st time making it myself *surprise!* hahaha as usual is anyhow hamtam De.

the weather is killing me and I need somethinh really really refreshing so this came into my mind… the refreshing lemongrass drink.


Soak in rose syrup + 1 tblsp red colouring for a few hours.
This is the after,  I cut it very big fat cut. 1 water chestnut 6 cubes.



Powder it with lots of tapocia starch
Put into boiling to boil. Once float up,  it be done. Soak it in ice water to cool it and to get the q q texture.

I forgotten to take pic of the lemongrass syrup
Its made up of pandan leave, lemongrass boil for 30min. Add in rock sugar to taste. Squeese in lime juice according to your liking and serve cold.






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