Deep fry salmon skin and dinner

Was toying with the idea to fry my own salmon skin because the portion we get from Japanese restaurant is getting smaller and smaller and the price is increasing too much.
So here I am trying
I was rather impressive with the result but when I asked hb..  he went..  where got like it?  So I asked which part doesnt taste like it or excuse me, better?

Not salty enough right? 
Too big piece is it…

other den that, which part not like it?
He went quiet…
Hahahaha *thick skin* but I must tell you, this is addictive
Till my little fellows kept attacking it.
Server together we had mushroom soup and my chin cai pasta.


I gotten the fish skin from the Japanese fish market 
1 portion is around $3.80 , got 3 slices of skin.

The method

Wash the skin and
Cut the skin into the portion you like.
Soak it in fresh milk for 20min. This helps to get rid of the fishy smell.

After that, drain it up. Leave aside.

Heat up oil. Enough to cover the skin will do.

Prepare 1 : 2 portion of flour.

I used 1 tablespoon of plain flour :  2 tablespoon of those powder you use to fry chicken. Am using taste and taste here.
Mix according to the amount you needed.

After mixing, take 1 tsp of the mixture and marinate into the fish skin. Then powder the fish skin with the balancing of flour.
Put to fry… I fry using medium fire then switch to high to get it cripsy when it’s about to be done.

Drain off the oil and serve with Mayo.






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