Blueberries muffins

Blueberries muffins requested by jiejie. Love the satisfy look on their face when they nom it right after I took Some pictures.
Jiejie booked some and said she’s gonna bring it to school for her teachers.


Make 12

180ml corn oil / melted butter
3 large eggs
120ml fresh milk
2 tsp vanilla essence
300g self raising flour
180g sugar
1 box of fresh blueberries


1) Preheat oven @190C.

2)Slightly mixed all the wet ingredients together.

3)Fold in the flour.

4) Divide equally between the paper cases and top with fillings you like.

5) Bake until stick comes out clean and the muffins are golden brown, about 25-30 mins.

*** Baked 190 for 15min then lower to 180 and bake till done.

This is based on my oven temp setting. Pls adjust urs accordingly.



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