Caramelized cola spare ribs 蜜汁可乐排骨

This isn’t my first time doing this dish, sometimes I used chicken as well. But it’s always so finger licking good be it chicken or pork.

This dish is abit 重口味 kind of dish. Tasted like char Siew too. Without the red powder and spices.

( already marinated over the night)

500g Spare ribs
( I used the frozen pack type. One pack is $5.10 from ntuc)

1 tablespoon feng he garden light soy sauce
1 tablespoon feng he garden dark soy sauce
1 tablspoon oyster sauce
3 tablespoon Hua Diao Jiu
1/2 tablespoon Ghee Hiang Red Sesame oil
4 smashed garlic with skin
1 tsp ginger juice
1/2 tsp corn flour

150ml coca cola

For garnishing:
1 tablespoon toasted white sesame

Marinate the spare ribs with FHG light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, GH sesame oil, Hua Diao Jiu, Oyster sauce, Ginger juice, garlics and corn flour for a few hours or overnight.
( don’t pour these marinate away!)

Pan grilled the spare ribs on a non stick pan. Pour in all the marinate after the sides of the spare ribs turns golden brown.

Add in the coca cola. Braised it for 20-30 min or till the sauce thicken up. Check it on and off, give it a stir.


The sauces starting to cameralize… watch ur fire..Turn to small flame, don’t let the sauce get too heated up.

Continue to pan grilled the spare ribs till slightly char. On and off give it a stir to let the ribs coated with the Caramelized sauce.

Sprinkle the toasted white sesame seeds and serve.

Do feel free to replace the products I used here
BUT pls understand the taste of your product before you use it. Some sauce tender to be more salty etc . The FHG brand I used here, the sauces itself is on the sweeter side. So pls make adjustment accordingly.



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