GIVEAWAYS!!!! simmami is turning 3

– contest had ended –

Thank you participants for taking part. Out of 19 participants ONLY 6 had LIKE this post…
HOWEVER In order not to damp the mood. I had decided to give the rest a winning chance too.
BUT the 6 who are more qualified will gained themselves 3x more chance to win.

Results will be announced on 7th june at 8pm.
Stay tune.


This year, I am so happy and honour to have Feng He Garden (click into their website) to sponser some goodies for 1 lucky winner who is visiting

Have you heard of Feng He Garden before? Am pretty sure this brand is popular in some Facebook group.
If you haven’t try it before,  here’s your chance to win a set of their products back home.

I have been using it not long they started in sg, from where you have to search high and low for it till now.. they have their retailing in most area of Singapore.
Do check out the nearest near to you here: Partners & Retailers

PERSONALLY I had hears some raves and comments about this product. The taste is sweeter compare to come brands that we are used to which comes in salty taste. Its really individual taste and how you make use of it to enhance your dishes.

I do appreciate winner will make good use of it to whip out some goodies from it. NOT WINNING IT and resale it away.

What you need to do is..  Very very very simple.

LIKE this blog post.

COMMENT on this post, why you should be the winner.

LIKE Feng He Garden page in Facebook.

LEAVE behind your name and email for ME to contact you if you are the winner.

– Winner must be able to self collect your sauces
at Jurong point or boon lay mrt/ pioneer/ Jurong east Mrt on either 11 or 12 June 2016.

CONTEST ENDS ON 4th June 2016.

WINNER will be picked and announced on 7th June 2016 on the blog post.






Alert alert.. Don’t miss this out

For those who are foodies and will be visiting the coming food fair in Singapore expo

Good news for you.

Feng he garden will having
2 NEW upcoming pastes launching at the Singapore Food Expo 2016 on 27-31 May @ Expo Hall 4 booth SA62.



54 thoughts on “GIVEAWAYS!!!! simmami is turning 3

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  2. Hi I hope win tis product itz absolutely
    a good sauce to used but unfortunately too expensive that y I hope to win n I can share wf my mum
    Good luck to me

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  4. Heard so much about Feng He sauces but haven’t had the chance to buy and try it. Hoping to win these products and use them to whip up nice dishes in my ‘to cook’ list.

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  6. Pingback: Dinner | Sim 沈妈咪的私房菜 Mami

  7. Hi. I wish I could have all these Feng He sauces to accompany me throughout my coming confinement month which 23 June 2016. Hope my little wish will come true *finger crossed* ^^

  8. Hello! Would love to win Feng He’s sauces to try it out! Never try using Feng He sauces before, this will be a gd starting point! Thank u to Simmami & Feng He for organising this giveaway!

  9. Hope to win this so that I can try more recipes for my family, instead of just blanched vegetables and steam fish. Thank you

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  11. Thanks simmami and Feng He for organizing this awesome giveaway 😎

    I heard lots of good review on Feng He’s sauce
    Hope to be the lucky winner for this hamper and starts cooking delicious and yummlicious dishes for my entire family and friends.

    Its great for stir frying and braising.

  12. Thanks simmami for this giveaway! Would like to win this set of Feng He sauces esp their Red sesame oil for my going 18months boy as was told that their sesame oil is good for kids due to their Omegas

  13. I hope to win the products from Feng He Garden and cook some delicious food for my family. I will use the Black Vinegar to braise pork trotter, Black Bean paste to steam fish, Dark Soy Sauce to braise chicken wings and eggs, Sesame Oil to enhance the flavour of soup, and Light Soy Sauce for my daily frying of vegetables

  14. Thanks Simmami for this giveaway!
    Would like to win Feng He sauce sets as ive heard their red sesame oil is good and it benefits toddler due to the Omega that is in the sesame oil. Hope to win this for my 17.5months boy so i can add them in his solid food 🙂
    Liked, liked Feng He’s fb too 🙂

  15. Have been wanting to buy sauce from Feng he, but never have chance to find it.. Hope to be the lucky winner to use the sauces to whip up good meals for my family!! 😋😋 Thk you!!

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  17. Thanks Simmami for this giveaway.
    I Hope to win the above set of Feng He Garden sauces so that I can use the sauces to try different recipe and share with everyone.

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  19. Ladies… today is the last day for a chance to get a chance to win these sauce. Till now I had only seen 3 LIKES been pressed who are qualify for the draw. Pls scrolled to the bottom, where there’s a share this and under Like.. click a like.
    Thank u and good luck to all.

  20. i always love to add a little sugar into my soya sauce based dishes, but with this Feng He sauces, i know i dont have to do this anymore. Thus i love to have a chance to try out all the sauces and bring my cooking to the next level =) Thanks Linda, fingers crossed for the win!

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