Last 4 days…
Simmami is having a giveaway to 1 lucky winner for the 3rd anniversary sponsered by Feng he garden. To participate
Drop by:  https://simmami.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/giveaways-simmami-is-turning-3/

Back to dinner….

Doufu chicken nuggets for the kids using pan fried method. Both sick are still not fully recovered so no fried foods.


you can refer here for the recipe. I only change the pork to chicken.


We once had this jie Lan with silver fish in a hk chain restaurant and it’s freaky pricey..  so I decided to do my own version with lots of liaos
Stir fried jie lan with fresh mushrooms, carrots, fish paste tau kee served with baked silver fish.




Lastly soup of the day, recommended by the veg vendor I am familiar with. he said no need removed the seeds but I did.. Stood there dunno what to buy and he suggested using 毛瓜to cook soup.  So I used pork ribs, red date and wolfberries. VERY NICE – my gal said.




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