Last 3 days…
Simmami is having a giveaway to 1 lucky winner for the 3rd anniversary sponsered by Feng he garden. To participate
Drop by:  https://simmami.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/giveaways-simmami-is-turning-3/

Braised tau kua and egg and we went out for Appt. Was thinking to add chicken so brought the kids to do a fast groceries topping up.

Jiejie saw the Chicken drumsticks and asked what am I cooking?  I said braised chicken… she went, can you fry it???  I tot I heard sala leh…  she had never like meats that’s not minced. Thats why I am always envying my frds who had kids who enjoyed that so much. I kept asking her, R U SURE????  Lolz lor Soh mum.

With a doubtful heart, I still fry it in case she starts niaming and crying if she dun see it.
And really!!!!  She had one whole drumstick herself. 高兴死我了!



so end up, I got to add fresh mushrooms and bean curd skins into my braise pot.



And lastly, blanched xiao bai cai to make a balance meal.




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