Friday dinner

Last 1 days…
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Today I got 2 supervisors supervising me to to faster cook!!!! Why so slow!!! We are so hungry! *faintz*
Because of the 2 super supervisors,  we had dinner at 5pm!


Went to the market early at 6am , saw those beautiful fresh looking cranberry pods..  waving at me…  so anyhow grabbed a pack of it tat caused $4.

Cooked it with carrot and pork ribs… the soup is so so rich and yummy, naturally sweet that the kiddos had 1 big bowl each.


Chup chye with lotsa of tanghoon nicely absorbing the gravy…  with fresh mushrooms,  carrots and deep fried dry beancurd skin absorbing the gravy too… 真的很好吃。。。


And the kpo supervisor said she wanna some grilled meat, so defroze premarinated my pork loins and pan grilled it instead of frying it which is the original plan.


OK..  enjoyed Ur dinner if u are having dinner soon…



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