SIMMAMI IS 3 – Giveaway Result

Its never easier to maintain a blog that keeps visitors coming in. A blog that interest people. AND I am never a person who followed a Recipe from 1 – 1 … so many of my recipes are rough guides to how you wanna to change or make it to suit your taste.

Yes, I have been posting here for 3years. THANK you to you, you and all of you out there. Who are family members, friends or even strangers. I even have fb friends who recognised my kids and pm me that they tink they saw us … haha do come over to say hi, i promise i wont bite u…
THANK YOU for supporting simmami all these years. I do look forwards to share with you more of my recipes and ideas.

This year, I felt very honoured to get a sponsorship by Feng He Garden to giveaway some of their products to ONE of you who took part in the giveaway. out of 19 participants, only one


and the lucky winner is


Joanne,  The lucky winner for this giveaway. I will be contacting you soon.
Please be assured there’s no kelongship going on here. the draw is a 1 time record. Never even have practising period.
I have put up a video on my Facebook. #simmami #giveaway #fenghegarden for people who are keen to have a look on how the winner was chosen.

Once again,  thank you all for joining this giveaway. I hope in the near future. I would have chances to host some giveaway again to you people out there.



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