For those who are following me from shc. Please take note that I, Linda aka simmami won’t be posting or sharing my recipe in that group anymore from now on. Please feel like to bookmark my blog or follow me for new updates of recipes that will be share in my blog or in others groups.

Would truly appreciate those who tries my recipe, not to share my recipes in that group too.

Why do I leave the group?
No I didn’t. But someone banned and blocked me all because of my postingS on giveaway in there.
Am I the only one doing give away in there? U got eyes to see.

But why am I the only one getting banned out of the blues. after getting rid of me, ppl posted that no giveaways is allowed now for their mental health… OK God bless YOU with long life..

Oh well….. now I Dun care now. because ppl dun appreciate because they had a huge group so who cares of 1 not related member to be around.

Enough said. I have my own life and others better groups to be in. Have fun baking and cooking up a storm people.



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