Nutella blossom revisit 

​Its a dilemma to decide to use more colouring to have a more define patterns or just have min. Colouring will do. Hesitant for awhile and I decided the later because my kids have to eat them. 

Did some nutella blossom cake for my birthday gal’s teachers since I didn’t include them in the goodies bag I had prepared. Though it doesn’t look very obvious like a strawberry after steaming…  but the taste is there. 

Hope they will appreciate the effort. Maybe next time, I will 狠狠下颜色。。

this isn’t the first time I did these. 

For smaller ones, refer here
​Nutella blossoms cakes 

Make 14 standard size 


3 chicken Eggs (65g including shells)

275g plain flour( i used hongkong flour)

220g Castor Sugar ( I used 120g)

150ml Milk ( I used fresh milk)

3 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Ovalette/Sponge Cake Stabiliser or condensed milk as a substitute (I used condensed milk)

Fillings – nutella/ blueberry/ strawberry (Nutella will be used here)
Food Colouring of your choice

1: Sift the flour & Baking powder into a large bowl. Set aside.

2: Beat the eggs and sugar till it turns pale. Please use a mixer unless you got super powerful hand strenght to whisk the eggs batter.
3: Add the Condense milk/ovalett , flour+baking powder and milk. Mix well.
4: Divide the batter into portions depending on the number of colours you wish to have.
5: Add in the colour of your choice into each portion. Mix well.
6: Pour the batter into 3 separate piping bags.

7: Fill cupcake cases up till 1/3 full.
8: Add one teaspoon of Nutella into each case.
9: Fill the rest of the cup full with batter.
10: Let your creative juices run free. Design each cupcake as you wish with the various colours of batter.
11: Steam for 20 minutes. Medium heat.


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