Ramen day 

After feeling sore about paying for a overrated ramen meal sometimes ago, I told myself… am going to cook my own. Been waiting for this ramen to appear which I always get from isetan food fairs. It finally appeared. The price increased too but still reasonable enough to pay for it. $50 for 9 serving. So 1pax is $5.50. Where that day, 1 extra add on kosong ramen without soup already cost $3 which haven’t include the gst and service charge.

Pork katsu @ home is SHIOK..  the meat is nicely marinated inside out, where outside ones usually is bland where they served with a dip.

Made the lava egg more cooked today because the kiddo Dun like the flowy lava..  so well have to suit them first.
Did a potato and carrot fritters as well..

They are so crunchy. 

And I had mine in dry version. 

Serving the ramen with add in chilli inside the soup base for ours,  add in some cabbages too. I served with garlic chips as well. An extra touch of taste. 


Ramen $5.50 x 3 

Potato n carrot $1 

Spring onions $0.20

Pork loin $5 

Misc $3

Eggs $1.50

Total:  sgd $ 27.2

This is the ramen that I bought from isetan food fair.


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