Monday dinner 

jiejie requsted for 蛋包饭。。so I give her sushi style 蛋包饭。。。she saw and asked me, are u sure? This is a CAKE! U bluffed me!

Hahahaha…. correct ar.. is egg wrapped rice what… 

She gave a WOW when i sliced it open.

Then ytd, someone show a pic of her tabao 姜葱猪肉饭… and I really very long never cook this… since got a piece of 假腰肉in the freezer so here’s ours for dinner.

假腰肉 1 pc 
Marinated with oyster sauce, light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, hua diao jiu, Ginger juice, pepper, pinch of salt,  pepper,  corn flour 
Garlic, Ginger, onion, spring onion 
Some water 
Stir fry Ginger till fragrant, add in onion garlic, stir fry till fragant. 

On heat to high, add in marinated meat , stir fry till almost done add water.

Add in spring onion and stir fry till cooked.

Serve hot.

And I did a steam doufu, the gravy using the soup I cooked today. 

Last but not least, I need veg and I need soup… so we had white cabbage soup with meatballs and fishballs.


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