salted Caramel sauce 

salted caramel in the making

The whole house is now full of the smell lingering around the nose.

Big thanks to sister yeo sh for sharing her Recipe. I took a dip on the whisk….. 

*am sold to it*.. after that I cleaned the whisk using my fingers… it was so yummy…  

According to sis, this sauce can be kept in fridge up to 2months. ( always use a clean spoon to scope it)

And this sauce when cool will starts to thicken, so don’t get anxious why urs is so watery… 

Anyway, this isn’t the candy hard kind of caramel sauce. So even if you put it in fridge, it won’t turns candy hard that you got to dig it hard and warm it when you need to use it immediately. 

Just done n poured into a bottle to cool it. The colour look lighter but as it cool.. the colour turns more brownish.

Salted caramel sauce 
Recipe by – Yeo SH

80ml Water

250g Sugar
1tsp Vanilla extract

120ml Heavy cream ( diary whip cream)

25g Butter –( i used unsalted butter )

1 tsp Salt 
1. Pour water into a large, non-stick pan. Add sugar to the water. Boil over high heat. Once the sugar has dissolved, DO NOT stir the mixture. Just let it boil.

2. Watch the mixture closely. After 10 minutes or so, it will turn pale amber then to a caramel colour quickly.
3. When that happens, immediately turn heat to low, and add the cream slowly, followed by the vanilla and salt. It’ll bubble up so do be careful!
Whisk in butter until everything is smooth. 

4. Transfer to a heatproof glass jar and leave to cool. It’ll thicken as it cools. 
be careful when adding whipping cream it ll splash due to cool liquid in hot solution. I get scald even when I m extra careful.
( because sis said be careful so I really be careful!!!!  I added the whipped cream in 3 portion while stirring it in, so it wasn’t so bad)

Words in bold – commented by your truly.

I did a video of how it should look like while am adding in the butter. You can take a look here

Updated 6/8/16

Taken out from the fridge… slightly harden but still able to scope effortlessly. 

Back to sauce like texture in awhile time in room temp.


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