Monday dinner 

​So fast aug liao …. went to market..  even the veg stall are closed today … so u turn home to raid the fridge…  

Ytd bought some Japanese huai san at a farmer market sale at $4.50 for a small pc, it tasted so much nicer then the usual ones.
Tat day happened to saw this drama saying huai san + black chicken + red dates can 补气 补血 so decided to make some for the kiddos to 小小补一下。。 

Then I found a big chicken thighs so used that to cook chicken rice using prima premix. I took a tblsp of it to marinate the chicken with some sesame oil… and the rice cooker get everything done.

Then used some Beijing cabbage to make a cabbage tang hoon stew… 

OK la…. Monday ending in a few hours
All the blues will goes away…..


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