Char bee hoon

​Me: Are u going to buy foods home? 

Him:  u not gg to cook? 

( isn’t it obvious??? )

After that no reply…..  and when reply came… is 

I on the way home….  

Asked the kids wanna tabao?
No reply at all… 

Then I said ok…  I cook ..

Noodles!!!!! Jiejie went… 
( 不要啦。。。每天吃面!)

I went into the kitchen without reply her…  

Soaked mee hoon 
Stir fry mee hoon…  就是这样了。。 

Included in cabbage,  egg, fresh mushroom, carrot, fishcake.

Errrr I told a white lie to jiejie 
When she asked me… is that noodle? 

Without thinking, I said YES!!  

(Its noodle family what) so I am not wrong too. If I said is bee hoon,  I am sure she will have alots to bargain ..

So I serve her the usual way, she went… 哇! 很好吃。。。 (in my heart, wow Heng ar…. she never said this isn’t noodle ) successful into “bee hoon – noodle to her. She finished the usual portion I will give her without leftover.
As usual,  I must have mine with lotsa of  chilli and lime.


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