Salted caramel pancakes 

salted caramel sauce recipe

Make 12 pancakes ( using 1tbslp scope)


100g plain flour

1 tblsp. corn starch

1/2 tblsp. baking powder

1 egg – my egg is 65g (including shell)

90ml milk -( full cream/uht/fresh milk )

2 tblsp salted caramel sauce 

1 tblsp. Corn oil
1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste or  1/2 vanilla essence 

1. Sift in dry ingredients (A) in a bowl and mix well with a balloon whisk.

2. Mix in all the liquid into a cup. Slightly mix well.

3. Add all (2) into (1) and mix just until you don’t see any lumps of flour. DO Not over mix it.

4.Cover with plastic wrap and leave to set for 5 minutes. 

5. Meanwhile, heat a non-stick frying pan over low flame..Do Not Grease if you want a matt looking surface.

6.pour about 1 tblsp  of the batter onto the pan, and cook until bubbles appear on the surface..I had a lid to cover the pan.

7. Flip with a spatula, then cook for a minute until browned on the other side. Repeat the steps to complete the rest.

– Notes please read – 

If your pancake became harden, rubbery it means you overmixed it. 
I find that covering the batter while waiting for the bubbles to be formed helps to make it more fluffy.
Replacement of flour, yes but I have to let us know the texture will be differ as well. You can use plain flour + baking powder or self raising flour and omit the baking powder.

Replacement of oil, I would recommend corn oil, sunflower oil, grape oil, olive oil .. not those cooking oil like knife brand etc

Balance pancakes which you can’t finished or you wanna make extra

You can wrap in a plastic wrap and freeze to eat later.

Microwave for a minute and you can enjoy fresh and fluffy pancake:)

New pancakes flavour in the house..  after sleeping less then 3hr .. am in a zombie mode again bcoz of the evil virus attaching Again!

AND BECAUSE I ran out of cake flour.. but I need to make pancake, so I decided to change to plain flour aka all purpose flour since I always get this question on can I use this instead of cake flour? 

My verdict is the pancake is still light, fluffy but not as soft as the cake flour version though is soft..  
Last week I made some super awesome salted caramel sauce. So in order to make my effort worth making it..  I decided to try using it on my pancake….

 Right out from the fridge, it thicken up but able to.scope it effortlessly.

back to sauce texture after awhile…

olala…  I love it so much…  beside dipping it with the pancakes, I added it into the batter as well…. can u imagine it?

Using my favorite.pan in the house. P’s: am not paid to advertise for them. If you been following me, I been using this brand for a long time.

I Must tell u, you must eat it to believe how good it is… the taste is just so differ from the usual ones you get.

Its really as easy as 3 steps and you get a homemade pancakes in your kitchen.

Since many ppl asked me how you know you won’t over stir… 

Today I show u a simple method 

mixing all the liquid into a cup/bowl make it easier not to over stir your batter.

Mix using a hand balloon whisk to mix, do not over stir it… it will result in a hard, rubbery pancake

When it’s all done, leave aside having it cling wrap and heat up your pan.


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