Marble butter cake 

It had been many years since I had butter cake because no one is a fan of it. And I won’t purposely go buy a slice of it and of coz is the scary amount of calories available.. 
But I had 2 pieces of butter tats going to expire next month…. so I decided to give it a try to see whether the kids will like it. 

Using alex goh butter cake recipe with a twist to make it into a marble cake….  the kiddos had 3 slices after it cooled Down. I believed tml, it will taste better.

DAY 2 

Marble butter cake 

I must highly raved that it tasted so good…  it’s firm, moist and soft not too crumbles dropping out while cutting. worth all the calories… opps 

This is the book that I get my recipe from

It been a really old book available at home.

I chosen the separate egg method. More work but all worth it.

( click onto the pic to get a clearer image to see the recipe )


  • I reduced the sugar For part (c)from  (170g to 120g)
  • Added in 1tsp vanilla bean.
  • Added 4 tbslp of fresh milk after beating butter and sugar. Beat till well combine.
  • Scope out 1/2 rice bowl of batter for the coco swirl. 
  • Use 1 tablespoon extra dark hersay coco powder for the choco swirl batter. ( you can use any coco powder available) add 1 tablespoon of milk so that the batter doesnt get too dry.
  • I made 2x the recipe and gotta 7 small loaf. Baked for 35min 170 degree. ( my oven temp)

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