Piggy mantou revisit 

​So we had some bonding in the kitchen with a supervisor ( the didi) walking around as well.

I did the weighing and kneading and moulding for her and leave the nose and ears for her to complete. Lol we ended up with 2D nose and ears because she made it too thick and didn’t pressed it flat enuff… 
Revisiting recipe by Angela from fun @ sassy kitchen. Making some amendment to suit our taste.

1st attempt ( click here to see Angela original recipe)

2nd attempt with filling

Make 9 piggies 


1/2 tbsp yeast

75ml warm water (i used 50ml room temp water + 25ml hot water)

1/2 tsp sugar

250g Hong Kong flour – bake king brand ( can replace by bao flour)

3 tablespoons sugar

4 tablespoons oil

Pinch of salt

3 tbsp water

Pink  colouring 

1. Combine the part (A) in a bowl. Stir to mix well. Set aside for 20 minutes. The yeast mixture will rise and becomes foamy.( If there’s no foam, Ur yeast is dead.)

2.In a mixing bowl, add part (B) and the ready yeast mixture. combine them together forming a nice dough,i knead it by hand till it’s smooth.
3. Place  dough at a warm place to proof for 45 mins covering with a damp cloth.

  • After 45min when your dough had double in size. 
  • Weigh 40g x 9 pieces, roll to a round dough and put on the parchment paper.
  • colour the remaining dough pink or colour of Ur choice. Divide into 9 portion to make the nose and the ears.
  • Then divide 1/2 for the nose, the other half for the ears.
  • Use black sesame for the eyes.

5. Bring water to a boil and steam in med-high heat for 12 -15 mins, line with baking sheet or parchment paper below.
Do not overcrowd the rack to allow expansion.
To freeze: finish the whole procedure here, let the mantou
cool completely, then into the freezer. Steam again when you want to consume.


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