Stir fry noodle/stir fry mee tai mak 

This a.m I bought mee hoon for jiejie..  she said let her try first then commented… 
Mama yours is nicer… can u pls cook.. 

Me – pls finished ur food. I will cook dinner.. so she went… noodle pls.. 

Actually I had plan to stir fry mee tai mak..  haven’t eat it for a long time… but she gave me the puppy look..  how to reject her… 
And guessed what… the stall selling char Siew isn’t open tis a.m sianz many times. 

And then…  someone brighten my day… my neighbourhood neighbor came to the rescue…  she help me buy char Siew at ntuc …. so nice to have friends around. 
So today, 
The kids had stir fry koka noodles 

While we have 

Stir fry mee tai mak with chilli 

.. I prefer to squeeze in some lime juice… yummy…  very satisfied


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