Ramen and muffins

​Today tio sabo by my beloved boy.. 

Tempted by my frd’s blueberries cupcakes so I decided to bake too 
Blueberries crumbles muffins.

Credit to:  Aunty yochana 


After baking I was still relaxing around

. Den when I look at the timing again 

Its 630pm!!!! What????? I finished baking at 430pm mah… why time flies so fast????

Kan cheong to prepare dinner liao

Without thinking… cheong into the kitchen…  

dunno when he set my hp timing 1hr faster..  and I followed the timing and rushed like a mad woman.. 
I was wondering why is the sky still so bright when it’s closed to 8pm after letting them have dinner …then I realised something is wrong…  it’s actually only 7pm…
 ( win liao lo!!!!! Tekan me like tat)

OK tonite dinner served 

The kiddos serving 

Japanese ramen with my homemade collagen added in 
And pan grilled 假腰肉

We had home prepared not very lava eggs too because the kids dun fancy the lava.

People said women had 2 stomach 

One for main course 

One for dessert 

I said kids too 
These 2 fellow cheong for the muffins after I finished washing up then they are happy for the night.


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