chicken essence Herbal chicken stew

Because I doesn’t dare to take chicken essence directly. So I immersed it into my dish. I had done with with steam herbal chicken before too. But I prefer this stew. Its so good to eat with rice esp the next day. Sometimes I will add in some mee sua into the gravy…. 

Herbs I used From a prepack herbal pack. I only used 1/2 portion of it for 6 wing.

  • Yu zu 
  • Huai shan
  • Red dates
  • Bei qi
  • strips Dang shen
  • Wolfberries ( soaked and add last)
  • Dang Gui – optional I din add as I bth the taste of it.

Simmer the herbs in boiling water for 20-30min. Amt of water, depends on how much gravy you want and how much chicken you cooking.

  • Marinate the chicken parts – you can use wings/mid.joints/drumlets, chicken thighs, chicken parts or even black chicken.

I Marinate with some hua diao jiu, dark soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil, some oyster sauce. Leave it aside while you waiting for the herbs to be done. 

Slightly stir fry the marinated chicken,  add into the herbs that you cooked together with the water.  Top up till the chicken are covered,  leave it to cook middle heat for 20-25min till cooked.

  • Chicken essence 2-3 bottles

Once the chicken is cooked to your liking, add in wolfberries. Bring it to a boiling point, add in the chicken essence. Covered with a lid and wait for 10min or till serving time.



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