Anniversary dinner 

​The 8th years we signed on the paper to make me become mrs Sim. Its not easy ESP after having kids. Everyday is a new learning day comparing with one another.
Dinner at home … 
Steam grouper – I really didn’t realised fish are so ex! This small slice of grouper fillet caused $12 … actually we are not fan. Of fish, neither do the kids. Lol I tink we overfed them with fish when they were much younger..But they enjoyed the fish soup very much with all the liaos like tomato, mushroom, salted veg, toufoo and the fish. Eat once awhile still can afford. 

Soda biscuit pork chop – all time fav. I tink it been premarinated for a week too in the freezer. So yummy.

And cabbage tang hoon stew.


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