pumpkin bee hoon 


This dish had been in my mind for a few years but I had no gut to do it. Because pumpkin used to be a banned fruit in the house…. if u had watch the Taiwan drama 天下第一味 you would have notice this dish that the lead actor created.
Finally after so long, I decided to try this dish out. You can imagine the cramped look on my gal’s face…. Beside the egg and fishcake

carrot! Pumpkin! Cabbage! Mushroom!  Hahahaha I bet she must be tinking..

Why wanna torture me again!!!!!

She simply had no choice but to finish it like a tortoise….

What i used

  • Bee hoon – soaked for 15min
  • Fishcake – cut into strips
  • egg
  • cabbage – cut into strips
  • carrot – cut into strips
  • pumpkin – cut into strips
  • dry mushroom – soaked and cut into strips
  • water
  • oil for cooking

Seasoning – oyster sauce , pepper

Pan fried egg then cut into strips. leave aside.

Stir fry the fishcake. leave aside.

Stir fry pumpkin till cooked. leave aside.

Stir fry  carrot and cabbage leave aside.

Stir fry mushroom, add in oyster sauce, pepper and lastly some water and half of the pumpkin .. add in the bee hoon and add in extra water till it covered the bee hoon. Let it cook it water almost dry up. add in all the ingredients and stir fry till water all dry up.

Serve with chilli and lime ( optional)


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