Uma uma @ millenia walk 

​Thank u #umauma and #milleniawalk for the dinner tonight. Won a dinner for 3 paxs during a giveaway in Sep during their Facebook contest. 

Satisfying though it was slightly salty for us. 

And good news for those who wanna to try out, they are having a 1-1 promo for ramen on the 18 Nov.

We can order 3x ramen from the menu, 2 sides and 3 drinks 

So we had 
Uma uma ramen for me – the small amt of chilli doesn’t make any impact. Soup was rich and the noodle was slightly soft but not soggy. I love the char siu not too much fats.

Tonkotsu ramen – for the kids. I added extra portion of noodles (not in pic) jiejie said it’s too salty..  Lol tat proven how her mami cooked at home for our meal. We had limited salt intake for our meals.

Spicy chasiu ramen – for the sir..  not too bad but not really spicy enough. Sir said abit oily and salty.

Side dish we had 

Chicken karrage – it’s yummy..not dry at all.. really  juicy too..  Lol tats what the sir exclaimed on his first bite…  

One bite gyoza – I am totally sold to it.. I secretly wish to order one just for myself BUT I Dun wish to feel so full…  if there’s chance  I will definitely go back for this. 


Orange juice for the kids and sir 

Green tea lychee for me. I would said it tasted very different from what I had before or those bubble tea style. Its fruity in fact there’s no taste of tea. 

Kekeke I was beo-ing their grilled items and some beer or cocktail on the menu..  it’s be so prefect for a group gathering to drink and eat,  catching up.

I would definitely wan to have some grills and the gyoza with some drink.
But the seatings there are very limited unless you don’t mind sitting at the bar counter seat. I was told they doesnt take reservations..

Menu for Ur reference,  I like the way they let cust know what to expect for the ramen they be getting. 


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