Char Siew bao 

This is called .. never do anything when both are at hm at the same time… when 1 said mami, can I help u..  the other one brought his chairs along to kpo…  when both trying to be helpful..  it end up like disaster when this drop that spilled… but luckily still have bao to eat.

Did u spotted the orbaka piggy that they accidentally created… Jiejie help to put up the piggy nose and some of the ears.. they tag team to create the eyes

Using choco powder mixed with water. 

Its suppose to be a round piggy but someone tried to be funny said “peppa pig isn’t round” – watched too much cartoon effect… win liao lo.. go flatten the bao a bit so it all went into differ shapes. 

Monday market sell char Siew one never open stall said I chin cai made some char Siew for the filling.  No recipe provided for char Siew.

For the dough – i am using recipe from

Homemade char Siew – the cameralize sauce from the marination.I leave abt 2 tblsp to cook the char Siew after cutting it.


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