Tempted by my kakis to bake scones after seeing hers. It had been ages since I last did scones.. never once for the kids because I dunno if they will like it anot. They had it outside before but it’s too dry that they don’t like it.
Ran out of plain flour and self raising flour so I searched for a recipe that use cake flour. Tadah… saw happyhomebaking had a scone recipe that used cake flour… and i made some amendment to suit our taste… so here we goes…. 
Happy with the result though mine not as perfect as hers. 
The kiddos love it so much that they whacked 3 of it…. *uhhhhh unbelievable *

Its so crispy on the crust and so moist and fluffy  inside…. tats why the kiddos are eating it happily spreaded with butter and blueberries jam.


(makes 7) I made 9 pieces.

250g cake flour
1 tablespoon baking powder

one pinch of salt

50g cold unsalted butter (cut into small pieces)

30g caster sugar ( I used 25g sugar)

1 egg plus enough fresh milk to make up 140ml ( I used 56g egg + 84ml milk)

To get the details and methods pls click into HappyHomeBaking.


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