Monday 开饭咯


Jiejie been asking for char Siew for many days so today give her a lil benefit made her char Siew… she doesn’t eat char Siew sold outside because it’s so paper thin and the taste is just not right.. we prefer the 蜜汁type of char siew.. and old man prefer with fats and jiejie and me prefer the less fats ones. See the camerlise sauce that coated the char Siew… 

Blanched some xiao bai cai

Cooked white cabbage soup using chicken stock that I had den jiejie said she wan eggs… I Dun feel like cooking after washing up ..  so I told her, Let’s have 蛋花汤.. Viola.. she had her egg and soup together. 

And I steam the chicken wings I marinated onto the rice to let the rice have some taste..


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