​I made it to the market today at 6am!!!!! Lol yes no typo. Am an early bird at the market…. 

 So we have ingredients for soup..  and I was joking with my gfs I am so lucky I didn’t get “robbed” because while am at the market, I head to the nearest 7-11 to look for the famous Taiwan latest launched green milk tea… OMG!!!!! Cant believed my eyes!!! They just stocked it.. so I grabbed a few bottles for my frds…. who been looking for it..

And while am walking, eyes kept eyeing on my hands…  Even have ppl chased and asked me where did I get it….  opps…  OK back to dinner… I managed to get lotus covered in mud… matched with black eyed beans, pork ribs and red dates… cooked for 3hrs…. 

Then we had cauliflower stew with some slightly pan fried doufu, mushroom and carrot.

Very long never had Chinese sausage with egg, so here we goes… yummy… 

And last…. pan grilled pork chop that’s marinated with oyster sauce, garlic, pepper, I added abit of dark soya sauce for colour.


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