Happy 2017 

Entering 2017 

Simmami would love to wish everyone a year blessed with pink of health,  joy and happiness.  Life have Ups and Downs. Don’t be discouraged. 

Thank u for all the encouragement and sharing with me.  I look forward to share more and learnt more from all of you who are reading.  



​吃饭咯。。。 finally school is going to start after a long holiday….  

New schedules with the small one going to Sch too.. I be more busy in the morning… 

No more luxury of going to market at 6am in the morning… 

The kids said wan nice soup for dinner but never said wan what..  So I make my own decision lo… 

So here’s today dinner.. 

Fried eggs – just when I am abt to wash the pan….  Jiejie asked if she can have egg?  Bcoz she wan so I had to do extra lo…  Can’t just do 1 egg just for her mah.. 

Cabbage stew – our comfort food 

Grilled chicken wings – char Siew style 

It’s so yummy that jiejie had 5 pieces of the mid parts…  

Potato soup which had corn and carrot 

It’s so naturally sweet..  The kids had 2 serving each…


​Ytd after dinner… I asked.. tml wan eat fried rice anot.. 

Immediately i had that… 

“你今天有煮饭meh …. ” 

Me…. 我会变魔术。。。 
Immediately after I finished washing up the  dishes… I cooked the rice and get it cool before it goes into the fridge..

So here, we had fried rice for dinner with fishball soup…  

Cny coming…  生菜的身价长了吗。。 今天的菜好贵哦。。

Orange Madeleines

Madeleines are always the last ting I will thought of because my past Madelines forever can’t get that “hump” and my first set of moulds were already 10yrs old.. hehehe finally my “white elephants” came into usage after my baking frd shared her Madeleines.. 

I am so attracted and envy of her beautiful Madeleines SO asked if she can shared what’s the secret tricks to it… and the recipe she shared by shiokman was a breeze.. very simple and direct.. best ting is it can be leave in the fridge overnight before baking. 

of coz, I give it a oil twist to suit our taste…

So ytd before I jumped into bed, I got the batter done and give it a cold spa.

Baked it this morning…. With her tips…

Viola…. it works…. 
My 2 rascals were sold to it… Its so fragrant…  soft on the inside with crispy crust when serve hot. They immediately had 2 each right after I taken the pictures.

Tips that my Frd shared. 

 – put batter in fridge for at least 1 to 2 hrs.

 ( I put overnight)

– heat up mould before pour in the batter 

( I preheat it together with the oven)

– starts with recipe temperature 180 degree c first (I used 210 degree c 10mins). P.S. all ovens are different..so make 2 batches to test out your own oven heat. 

(* BASED on my oven, I set it to 180 degree but my oven temp was 200 degree)

Recipe adapted from:  Shiokman 


What I twisted to:  


  • 3 eggs
  • 90g sugar 
  • Orange zests from 2 oranges.
  • 120 g self-raising flour
  • 1/8  tsp salt
  • 63 g salted butter (melted)


  1. Add in eggs into a mixing bowl
  2. Add in sugar
  3. Mix at low speed until it turns pale yellow
  4. Grate orange zest into the mixture
  5. Add in flour and salt and mix at low speed
  6. Add in the melted butter and mix until combined
  7. Refrigerate the batter for at least an hour to get the hump. I leave it overnight.
  8. Lightly brush non-stick madeleine pan with melted butter
  9. Fill up the “shells” half filled.
  10. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200degee for 10mins until golden brown. ( this is base on my oven setting.)
  11. Cool the madeleines slightly before removing from the pan

Into the bake for a few min. Starting to rise… 

Starting to see the humps forming up…  it’s a success!!!!!! Yeap!!!!  

Yeap!!!! My first successful batch of Madeleines… 

The texture I got… 

Pasta and soup 

​I didn’t cook ytd..  and someone gotten upset with me..  kept asking why I am not cooking…  

因为 你妈昨天没有上巴刹! she immediately…  zip up.. her mouth. 

Today we went grocery together… 

I asked her what she wanna eat…  

She gave me the blank look… 

Blank ar…

Den I cook what I wan to eat lo…  

And she went… I wan mushroom soup! U cook DE! .. 

So we had mushroom soup 


Angel hair served with sausages…

Carlton hotel – Singapore 

Won a staycation in Aug..  it’s a giveaway by skin care by restlylane. HOW LUCKY isn’t it..  

FINALLY before the year end, we used the stay for old man’s birthday…  

I think they upgrade our room. It wasn’t supposed to have a bathtub..  and to our surprise… there is…  the happiest will be the kids…  but…  one prob… it’s see thru from the bed area and the bind is outside….  so they able peeping whenever whoever is inside -_-  
The breakfast buffet was yummy too.. Western, chinese, breads and pastries etc … But they are not fully halal.. as they do served ham that contain pork and pork siew mai .

what impressed me was their coffee selection. Usually most only served coffee. Add milk on your own. TEA..  WITH OR WITHOUT milk.. 

But here,  they had some selection of tea bags available. And there’s coffee machine available to make espresso, latte,  cuppucino, steam milk…  

Did I mentioned… there’s even a coffee machine available in the room? Beside the 3-in-1 available.. how cool isn’t it?  

 The purpose of the stay is celebrate birthday.mm how can Dun have cake right… 

So o check with the hotel if they do provide cake for birthday person… and they agreed to it… 

Happy birthday cake complementary from Carlton hotel. Supposed to be a slice….  as wat they told me 

Who knows…. came a huge slice of cake… it was delicious but we can’t finished it..  so we brought it back home for tea the next day.

X’mas dinner 

​Hohoho…  merry x’mas…

Wasn’t the plan to cook today 


Dad called ytd and asked..




没有什么大餐。。。 真的是随便吃。。 

Stew porkchop char bee hoon..  

Lemon glaze chicken wings – prepack. I only heat up.. 

Califlower stew 

And pan fried pumpkin Kueh