Fry bee hoon 

​Clear fridge day..  today never go market because I wanna clear the fridge first. I hope no one is bored with my bee hoon dish and goes… “wow lao..  bee hoon again… wanna post so many times meh” …  opps..  

As usual… liaos overload and with lots of greens ….

Hahahaha jiejie didn’t know what am cooking so she asked me  

你煮什么 “菜”???? she wanna to say, what’s for dinner … but I disturbed her…

I said veg stir fry with carrot!!!  

Hahahahaha her face immediately goes…. 还有什么??? 

Me: …  没了啊。。就一道 “菜“ (in my heart,  I was Lol like mad) 

She went den, I eat what??? 

Me: 菜 咯!

When she saw the bee hoon,  she had this smile immediately on her face.


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