Mee sua soup 

​Clear fridge day 2 … 

Cook mee sua tang using claypot mee sua. with xiao bai cai, minced meat and egg. Not forgetting which is a must… the chilli padi paste…. 

When I served jiejie her portion..

she went..  这样大碗。。 我哪里吃的完。。。 goes on and on like the radio tat goes heywired…
I refused to entertain her, told her can’t finish.. then leave it.. tats it. Nag somemore I will clear your bowl…  

So finally peace at last… by the time I finished feeding the boy and went to prepare my own portion… she finished everythings and proudly declared..

你看 我把全部吃完了! 

( in my heart, of coz u can finished it when you didn’t get tea break!)


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