Chocolate Oreo muffins 

​If bakes can talk…  this will be their conversation…. 

Mmmmmzzz u see those human kiddos kept standing there and peep at us….  ain’t they tired? 

Tick tock tick tock as the timers went…. di di di di di …

U c u c… the human kiddos rushed

over again and asked…

 Can we eat now….  

And there goes our partner….  byebye..  it be our turns soon.. 

Finally there’s peace at last…  and the human who baked us took one of us again… 

That’s the fate of us, the chocolate Oreo muffins….

Make 12 muffins 

Preheat oven to 180degee.


270g self raising flour

30g coco powder 

180g brown sugar

(Mix together)


9 pieces of crushed oreo

Some small Oreo as deco.


120ml milk

180ml corn oil

3 large eggs 

(all prepare into a mixing bowl.)

Mix (A) into (C) stir well and add in (B) mix well. DO NOT OVER STIR

Divide into baking cups and top up the topping. Bake in oven for 25-30min or till bake.


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