Wedding dinner at halia Raffles hotel 

​Attended my cousin wedding at halia Raffles hotel. If not, for the invitation I doubt it be a choice of restaurant I will go to because of the kids. Its indeed an Taste and eyes opening experience especially for the old folks at home. 

The door gifts were yummilicious to began with…  popcorns of different flavors Like kimchi ( yes u r reading kim-chi!) And there’s butterscotch and cheddar )

or tau sar piah for those who prefer that.

The kids love the bread and soup served. It mentioned it’s chef soup but I think it’s pumpkin or butterscotch kind of soup.

Then throughout the dishes ( 4 paxs will share 1 serving) appetizers, side dishes, main course to desserts.. we even had their wedding cake…  the dishes wasn’t served in orders for some dishes… 

Next came 

Poached prawn salad 

The prawns were really fresh and had a crunchy texture. Love the concept of this. Very appetizing. 

Orential pull duck 

One noodle dish after another… the pull duck was nice. Very flavourful.Mixed with the soba .. a new kind of concept for my taste. BUT did they overcooked the soba?  Its like slightly soft for my teeth.

Herbs roasted  baby potatoes

Not too bad. Eaten with the sour cream made it smoother in texture. But I don’t like the herbs they used. It leave a bitter texture in my tongue while eating it.

Sauteed fine bean – am not a bean person so I skipped this.

Halibut En Papilotte

This dish made me laugh when I heard people saying…  有饭吃了!!!! hahaha but is shared lah..  not everyone get a rice serving to themselves. 

But I must say, the fish is really tender and smooth. Kinda melted in the mouth and the best is soaking the rice with the gravy.

Chicken (breast and leg)

A Thai concept of soup. The chicken is really very fine in texture. 

12hours braised pork belly with Chinese herbs 

I must said this dish got 惊-喜

Before it was served… the elderly thought it’s a familiar dish they be having. Like 卤肉 or 冬坡肉 the soft dionk dionk melt in the mouth kind…  

Hahahaha who knows… came something like this… and it doesn’t melt in the mouth after 12hrs… however am impressed despite it’s pork belly but its not oily at all. And my gal had 2 slices to her own. Meaning it had it’s bonus score.

Halia chilli crab 

By the time this was served… most of us were full already… but I still took a few bites to try it because no one at my table wan this due to allergy to seafood. However is it my portion??? I had alots of crabs shells inside while I bite… which doesn’t Leave me very impressive abt it.

then it’s dessert time… no matter how full… a woman always have an extra stomach for desserts!!!!!! Hahahahaha 

Their wedding cake red velvet cake.. very nice… soft and moist.. 

Sticky toffee pudding 

Yummy! I seriously can eat this without the ice cream… anytime..

Pulut hitam

 This bring out laughter. .

Everyone was given a small scope of ice cream which was served on the table first then came the black gluntionus rice. The server Didnt MENTION this is for the dessert to be eaten together so many had already eaten up the ice cream to avoid it from melting..  who knows then came the black gluntinous rice which was quite tasteless as it’s meant to be eaten together to bring out the sweetness.

Am i lucky that am not am icecream fan? Tats how I managed to eat it with both together…. 


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