pumpkin Kueh revisit 

​I suddenly remembered I got 1/4 pumpkin in the fridge that I bought last week… and tml am not cooking..  sat I dunno and Sunday I won’t be cooking too…. jialat lo…  I can’t let it rot away.. so 

Fast hand fast leg, based on memory prepared the ingredients needed to do pumpkin kueh… 

Siam ah Siam ah …  very hot..

 just out from the  steamer…

Really feel like hammering myself… I deleted dinner pictures by accident..  anyway nothing much..  is just char bee hoon…  *palm face* the missy said she never had 荷包蛋before I said I cooked it with bee hoon for her… it’s not I never cooked before.. it’s she never even wanna try when I did it…. 

And I served the pumpkin kueh I made this afternoon. Pan fried some with an egg. I prefer it this way. Or u prefer the original way of just eating it directly?


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