Carlton hotel – Singapore 

Won a staycation in Aug..  it’s a giveaway by skin care by restlylane. HOW LUCKY isn’t it..  

FINALLY before the year end, we used the stay for old man’s birthday…  

I think they upgrade our room. It wasn’t supposed to have a bathtub..  and to our surprise… there is…  the happiest will be the kids…  but…  one prob… it’s see thru from the bed area and the bind is outside….  so they able peeping whenever whoever is inside -_-  
The breakfast buffet was yummy too.. Western, chinese, breads and pastries etc … But they are not fully halal.. as they do served ham that contain pork and pork siew mai .

what impressed me was their coffee selection. Usually most only served coffee. Add milk on your own. TEA..  WITH OR WITHOUT milk.. 

But here,  they had some selection of tea bags available. And there’s coffee machine available to make espresso, latte,  cuppucino, steam milk…  

Did I mentioned… there’s even a coffee machine available in the room? Beside the 3-in-1 available.. how cool isn’t it?  

 The purpose of the stay is celebrate how can Dun have cake right… 

So o check with the hotel if they do provide cake for birthday person… and they agreed to it… 

Happy birthday cake complementary from Carlton hotel. Supposed to be a slice….  as wat they told me 

Who knows…. came a huge slice of cake… it was delicious but we can’t finished it..  so we brought it back home for tea the next day.


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