Baked chicken thigh and fusion pasta 

​Many people said now both kids in school will be more free…  My answer is..  Hahaha I am more busy now .. rushing ard to fetch the kids…  Rush to the market,  rush hm to put the stuffs,  rush to fetch kid 1 then go home filled up the “tank” settle what to cook for lunch or dinner then fetch kid 2 then fill another “tank” 

By the time they are willing to settle for nap…  I am already leave with 15% batt which is low battery alert liao. 

So nowsaday I settle for easy dinner…  Because I wanna to rest my feet too…  

So today served baked chicken thigh with fusion pasta.  I never like chicken there’s still have blood stain.  Some people said like that then is tender and fresh…  Sorry tats never my kind of chicken.  I prefer mine to be well done.  But don’t mistake that well done means it’s not juicy tender anymore….


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