​Exhausted.. Totally exhausted weekend. It was supposed to be a trip out to get clothings for the kids but we ended up in a&e..  Bcoz jiejie look very uncomfy while we are out.  Called it parent instinct..  We decided to go home and alight the train to take a cab..  But she still look unusual..  So we decided to go hosp instead…  Indeed something was wrong and she had to get admitted for observation. THANK GOD .. The treatment went well and we discharged the next day…  
So today made simple dinner for all of us. Rushed to supermarket to get soup ingredients..  Too tired to think what she can eat..  At least there’s soup if she had no appetite..  

Winter melon soup using soft bones.  Added in my last batch of collagen broth to make it richer. 

Steamed chicken rice with Chinese sausage..


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