About ME

I am simmami a.k.a mrs sim. You can call me, Linda if your are asking what’s my name.

I have a Presch background teaching the lil ones for a few years n decided to be self employed with the support of my bf now hubby becoming a work from home wife.

GOD decided Its time to have Our lil one coming
I have a princess born in 2011
and a prince born in 2014.
Both my kids are premature baby at week 31 n week 33.

From then, i became a full time S.A.H.M
No regerts making this decision till this day though i missed my freedom. My holiday break.My power to spend freely.
Seeing them growing up with proper brought up. Good health. Just made everythings worth it.

2015 made a lil change to my life. I took out a small step and joined a cooking competition 邻里厨王 neighbourhood chef held by channel 8.
It was indeed an experience gained.

Everyday is a new learning experience with the kiddos. 

I hope to learn more from others as well as share my experience with others as well so long it’s within my mean to do so.


2 thoughts on “About ME

  1. Well said. Bringing up children, nurturing them, teaching them Godly values are very important. As the Bible said, these are our fruits. How we nurture them will be our Fruits over the years.
    I am a mother of 3 grown up children. I have given up my career and have been looking after them over all these years. Our efforts
    and investments in our children are really worth it.
    Take good care of them and you will see your Fruits. Bless you.💝💐

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