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Shall be moving to facebook page because there’s a limit of width band here….  

C u all around.  Facebook page is under simmami


Mee hoon VS mee Hoon 

​Today bo zhenghu so I decided to cook mee hoon soup..  And there goes someone protesting…  I wan fried mee hoon!!!!  I wan fried mee hoon!  Didi oso wan fried mee hoon! 

Win liao lo.  . 2 vs 1 

So changed of plan…  They had theirs and I had mine mixed with sambal chilli..  Hiam hiam jin ho jiak..  With some lime juice..


​Exhausted.. Totally exhausted weekend. It was supposed to be a trip out to get clothings for the kids but we ended up in a&e..  Bcoz jiejie look very uncomfy while we are out.  Called it parent instinct..  We decided to go home and alight the train to take a cab..  But she still look unusual..  So we decided to go hosp instead…  Indeed something was wrong and she had to get admitted for observation. THANK GOD .. The treatment went well and we discharged the next day…  
So today made simple dinner for all of us. Rushed to supermarket to get soup ingredients..  Too tired to think what she can eat..  At least there’s soup if she had no appetite..  

Winter melon soup using soft bones.  Added in my last batch of collagen broth to make it richer. 

Steamed chicken rice with Chinese sausage..

Baked chicken thigh and fusion pasta 

​Many people said now both kids in school will be more free…  My answer is..  Hahaha I am more busy now .. rushing ard to fetch the kids…  Rush to the market,  rush hm to put the stuffs,  rush to fetch kid 1 then go home filled up the “tank” settle what to cook for lunch or dinner then fetch kid 2 then fill another “tank” 

By the time they are willing to settle for nap…  I am already leave with 15% batt which is low battery alert liao. 

So nowsaday I settle for easy dinner…  Because I wanna to rest my feet too…  

So today served baked chicken thigh with fusion pasta.  I never like chicken there’s still have blood stain.  Some people said like that then is tender and fresh…  Sorry tats never my kind of chicken.  I prefer mine to be well done.  But don’t mistake that well done means it’s not juicy tender anymore….

Fried rice

​5+ the pan already washed and now watching the news while updating..  

Today really a whacky day…  

Both the kids are driving us up to the ceiling!!!!!  

Too drained to battle in the kitchen..  So chin cai jiak.. 

Ytd cooked extra rice so today fried rice for dinner.. Same same ingredients but 2 differ type.. 

The no spicy ones for the kids…  They both had extra serving .. 

While we had sambal version…  

I like lots of ingredients that every mouth with rice..  I had liaos in it…


The kids ate super fast and kept adding dishes into their bowl .. Jiejie kept saying it’s so good mami…  It’s so good..  Can I have more,  this is good…  

So jialat meh..  I got cook daily what – 1 dish meal served for the past 1 week..  Hehehe

Today woke up super early to get the soup cook (so that I can get a power nap when they nap)  and it’s all worth it.. 

 Both of them had extra serving of soup…  Lotus black eyed bean soup..  It’s so favorable. 

And I did her fav. Doufu meat patties. 

Her request fried eggs. 
And stir fry baby spinach with silverfish.