congee & meatballs Methods


First of all, I must declared am not an expert. This is based on my personal experiences after all my trials and errors.

You can opt to use any rice of your choice be it Japanese rice, jasmine rice and even brown rice/black rice/ red rice.
It’s the amount of water you use and time needed to cook it.

There are many ways on how to handle these rice..
some soaked it with oil & salt
Some frozen it
Like me, I soaked it only..
I got people question me, soaked already
Where’s the nutrient..

OK let me share my way
I will wash the rice 2x
Then soak it with water for at least an hour. And use the Same water I soaked the rice to cook the congee. 

How much water to use? 
I seriously never measure it. I will add on on and off till I get the texture I want.
Once the rice spit open, i will add in the stock i want. ( it can be any stock you have or those prepack stock)
Meaning i dont have to use alots of stock for flavour.

For japanese rice
It get sticky rather fast … so watch your fire. Be careful it stick on the bottom.

For jasmine rice
It will end up like teochew mui
When its get to that texture.. be careful it doesnt dry up.. add in some hot water and stir it.. it will starts to thicken ..

It doesnt required much stirring .. just leave it to boil .. stir it once awhile to prevent sticking.. once you see it getting thick.. its  near to DONE time.


I didn’t do any measurements..  just base on rough guide

You can use mince pork/ chicken/prawns
I season it with light soya sauce, pepper, corn flour, egg white,  salt , sesame oil

Mixed all together till you get a sticky yet don’t stick onto your hand paste … 

all mixed well… leave it in the fridge till you wanna to use it.

You can Olso kept it frozen for any time usage for the meat. For prawns, it prefer it to be done on the day itself.

When to add the Meatballs???
Actually no issue when you want to add
Before serving or get it done and just leave it in the pot.


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