I kena complained said I very long didn’t bake ytd…  So today I baked lo..  If not,  later I will tio niam again..  Kids nowsaday really can niam…  I dun think I dare to niam my lao bu at that age..  *hahaha my mum dun bake*

So here’s Oreo muffins and blueberries muffins to welcome them home for tea break after nap and tml breakfast..  Maybe I should pack some for the teacher for ah boy sch too…  (So that they tolerate that lil mischef nonsense in school)


黑黑卤 晚餐

​Tonight braised a pot of stuffs and add claypot mee sua for a meal…  Really very orh lu lu lo… The longer I braised…  The darker it get…  Got soft bones,  egg,  mushroom,  bean curd,  chicken feet served with xiao bai cai.


Friday dinner 

​Trying to get myself adapt to the new timing and by the time the kids settle down at home after school in the noon… I wanna pengsan liao…

So chin cai cook dinner.. 

Stir fry mee hoon served with pork chop that I frozen…  

This jiejie,  waste food!  So I punished her to take away her leisure online time.  Already told her to dun take snack before meal,  she dare dare take 2 slices of bread..  How to finish dinner.. 

Oribi lo… See if she dare to have snack before meal time a not.


​Tat pork uncle very ho seh..  I said I wan $4 den he took 1 slice n wt  $6.50 要不要。。。 haha me went..  Errr OK lah…  I realised he’s always like that DE..  Will sell more then what u want… Unlike his wife will just sell what u want. 

Because of pork chop temptation by my kakis… Hahaha I oso make lo..  Frozen the extra portion for another meal. 

Served with shoyu soup base ramen that I bot during the fair at isetan ( after going thru my pics,  I realised I forgotten to take pic of the packaging)

Jiejie insisted that I dun make the lava egg because she don’t like the “bleeding yolk” *faints* 

So bo bian lo…  

So here’s today dinner…  Tml kitchen is closed..

Oreo pancakes 

​Today pancakes look extremely ugly and out of shape because I only had +-30min to make the batter and get everything a done before the morning routine starts.. 

Made Oreo pancakes for jiejie to bring to Sch for snack…  



​Breakfast was prepared by old man because I was busy catching up k-drama last night before school starts tml!!!!!!  Hehehe privileged leh.. Someone prepare bf for me…  because the kids were protesting they are hungry while I just woke up .. So he had to 难得进厨房。。 

So dinner,  I had to cook.. 

One said wan char mee with nuggets 

One said wan fishballs soup 

OK lo…  Since got planned menu for me..  I just cook lo…  

So here’s dinner… 

Hurray to Sch reopening…  I be more busy sending and fetching the kids again..  Tis time even didi going to Sch. 

Weather reports said these 2 mths will be rainy season.. So raincoat/umbrella better be in the bag… ESP the schooling kids…

Happy 2017 

Entering 2017 

Simmami would love to wish everyone a year blessed with pink of health,  joy and happiness.  Life have Ups and Downs. Don’t be discouraged. 

Thank u for all the encouragement and sharing with me.  I look forward to share more and learnt more from all of you who are reading.