Pancake and more pancakes 

I never used to like pancakes this much till I had kids. Because it’s like to find nice pancakes outside or simply they are too expensive….  so I decided to make my own and it’s a no return journey…  exploring with more new flavours with the kiddos.

I am using my happy call pan which is non stick. you can use any non stick pan.

Through my experience, I find that covering the cover helps to rise the pancake while waiting for bubbles to form…  

Only flip when bubbles are formed .. do not kept moving it. 

To get a Matt surface, do not oil the pan. 

I only used a balloon whisk to mix. Do not over mix it or you will ended with a hard and rubbery pancake.

I didn’t use any mould to make the pancakes. Just use my soup spoon scope and pour. It will form itself.

Lastly practise make prefect. Have fun with your pancake making.

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